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Agenda of 2019 ShanghaiInternational Surfactant High-level Forum

May.13-15, 2020

Venue:ShanghaiConvention & ExhibitionCenterof International Sourcing,China












   May 14


Hosts: ZHU Youyi, SUN Baoxing


Recent advances in research, production and application of new modified starch varieties inChina

YAO Xianping, Member of  the Sixth National People’s Congress, Chairman and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Hangzhou Research Institute of Chemical Technology


Fracturing fluid infiltration improves recovery efficiency of low permeability oil reservoirs

YANG Jiang, Specially-appointed Professor of Xi’an Shiyou University, Expert of the Thousand Talents Plan


New developments in new varieties of oil-based green surfactants inChina

XU Baocai, Dean and Professor ofCollegeofFoodScience ofBeijingTechnology andBusinessUniversity


Recent advances in research and production of tertiary oil recovery auxiliaries inChina

ZHU Youyi, Vice Director and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Research Institute of Oil Recovery of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development


Current status and development trends of research and production of new varieties of biosurfactants at home and abroad

MOU Bozhong, Director and Professor ofBiosurfactantEngineeringTechnologyCenterofEastChinaUniversityof Science and Technology


Progresses made by Yanchang Oil Field in research of chemical flooding technology (R&D and application of bioactive combinational flooding technology of Yanchang Oil Field for ultra-low permeability oil reservoirs)

GAO Ruimin, Director and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Research Institute of Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd.


From basic research to industrial application - innovative examples of anionic and cationic surfactant systems

LI Yingcheng, Director and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Oilfield Chemistry Center of SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology


Development and application of dehydration demulsifier for deep surfactant for onshore terminal crude oil

WU Di, Deputy General Manager and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Daqing Oilfield Engineering Co., Ltd.







    May 14


Host: XU Baocai


Development, application and development trend of new varieties of ion-pair surfactants

SUN Baoxing, Chairman of the Board of Guangzhou Ruiyang Surfactant Co., Ltd.


Development and application of high-strength water-soluble temporary plugging agent

XU Taiping, Chief Engineer of Beijing Gepetto Oil Technology Co., Ltd.


Fifteen categories of surfactants of concern to the textile auxiliaries industry

XIA Jianming, Director and Professor of Printing and DyeingInstituteofZhejiangTextile andFashionCollege


Molecular structure design and functional development of polycarboxylate superplasticizer

JI Chunwei, Chief Engineer and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Rhamnolipid – next-generation surfactants

XUE Shuwen, Technical Director of Xi’an REGE Biological Technology Co., Ltd


Study on two kinds of polyoxyethylene surfactants

XU Hujun, Professor ofJiangnanUniversity


Preparation and application of a kind of biosurfactant

WANG Yongsheng, Vice Director of Technical Research Institute of Nanjing  Zhongshan Chemical Co., Ltd.


Several new demands for pharmaceuticals in the water treatment industry

ZHENG Huaili, Professor ofChongqingUniversity


Swirl bed electrochemical ion exchange technology for treating circulating cooling water

LI Yansheng, former dean and professor ofCollegeofEnvironmentaland Chemical Engineering of Dalian Jiaotong University


State of the art of oxyalkylation and some problems in production equipment of oxyalkylation inChina

ZHU Ganwei, General Manager of Shanghai Jiuyu Chemical Co., Ltd.



     May 15



   Host: LI   Yingcheng


Study on development and application of coal-based fine chemicals

LI Jiusheng, Researcher ofShanghaiAdvanced Research Institute and Director of Green Chemical Engineering Technology Research andDevelopmentCenter


Research and production of new varieties of polymer surfactants inChina

FAN Hong, Professor ofZhejiangUniversity


Technical development and downstream application of alkoxylation units

QIN Yong, Senior Engineer of SINOLIGHT International Holdings Corporation


Preparation of compound texturizing agent and its application in treatment of oily sludge in oil field

YU Lanlan, Professor ofNortheastPetroleumUniversity


Design and regulation of rosin-based and intelligent response-type surfactants

RAO Xiaoping, Researcher ofInstituteofChemicalIndustry ofForestProducts


Discussion on technology and development of fabric softener

CHEN Guoxiong, former chief engineer of Shanghai Auxiliary Factory



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