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☆ Organosilicone surfactant, bio-surfactant, fluorinated surfactant and other special surfactants; environment-friendly anionic surfactant, cationic surfactant, nonionic surfactant and amphoteric surfactant with huge demand and extensive application; new-type environment-friendly surfactant such as fatty methyl ester ethoxylates (FMEE), fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylates (MES), alkyl polyglycosides (APG), monoethanol amide succinate;
☆ Alkylbenzene (AB), epoxy ethane (EO), propylene oxide (PO), nonyl phenol (NP), octyl phenol (OP), ethylene glycol (EG), ethanolamine, polyethylene glycol (PEG), ethyleneamine (EA), fatty acid, fatty alcohol, fatty amine, fatty acid methyl ester;
☆ Detergents: (perfumed) soap, washing powder, liquid detergent, bath lotion, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, cleaning agent, washing and chemical materials and their intermediates, industrial, commercial and civil washing equipments;
☆ Personal and home care products;
☆ Daily chemical products packaging technology, materials and machinery;
☆ Other compound surfactant, detergent as well as research achievements and patent technologies for various kinds of surfactants, detergents;

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